Gula Melaka White Coffee


Gula Melaka or Palm Sugar originated from Malacca, and it has always been deeply loved by consumers within Southeast Asia. With it acting as a natural sweetener, we are able to pair it with our instant coffee blend to reduce and balance the sweetness, and create this unique flavor. It bears a distinct aroma of deep caramel and butterscotch, which leaves a lingering fragrance.

Gula melaka 或椰糖,是马六甲知名土产之一, 也在东南亚大受欢迎。它的天然甜味让我们调味出这一款少糖却独特的咖啡。这款醇香的咖啡带有焦糖的香味,保证能唤醒您的味蕾!

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